Why you should stop asking “why?”


Let me ask you something...

...How often do you ask your pupils "why" they did or didn't do something? 

If you're anything like most people you'll probably find yourself doing it a lot.  You'll say things like:

  • "Why do you think that?”
  • “Why didn’t you achieve that target?
  • “Why were you late?”

Sound familiar?

I know I used to do it all the time when I was a teacher.

But here's the thing - whether you realise it or not asking "why" tends to make people feel stressed and defensive and can lead to conflict & confrontation.

When you take just 3 minutes 41 seconds to watch this video now you'll discover:

  1. Why asking "why?" is actually very counter-productive
  2. What stupid question my partner asked me when I had a bit of an accident!
  3. A quick actionable tip that will means you'll instantly generate more positive, valuable, and informative responses that will move your coachee forward more effectively.

Watch it now to get your tip, then try it out & notice the difference it makes in your everyday role.

By the way, lots of our schools have dramatically reduced the number of behaviour incidents & got deeper, better answers from pupils (and colleagues!) by implementing this simple strategy.

I know I was surprised at the difference this made in my teaching, my work with challenging young offenders & my personal life, and I'd love to hear what difference it makes to you...

...Do contact me to let me know!

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- Annie

Annie Boate

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