The Silent Revolution

Watch this short video to discover how coaching is quietly transforming Teaching & Learning at Tarleton Academy.

Thanks to Lesley Gwinnett (Headteacher) & Joanna Bacon (now promoted to Deputy Headteacher) for wholeheartedly supporting the coaching and for sharing the story of "The Silent Revolution"

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One thought on “The Silent Revolution

  1. Their views are very good, made me think very hard about completing the coaching course. Listening to these people have made me realise that this could be the breakthrough for me. I am now getting very tired and stressed about my job as a subject leader and also my teaching/learning so I have to believe that this could be the key to the problems. A strong point which was mentioned is “THE CHANGE HAS TO COME FROM YOU” so I will need to change the way I feel and embark on this vehicle that I am being offered, then I can start reaping the benefits.

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