The Journey Forward

Hats off to the coaches at John Cleveland College!

They have totally blown us away with a phenomenal Coaching Launch which grabbed their colleagues’ attention and resulted in a whopping 74 out of 150 staff saying "I'm in" and signing up for coaching!


Here’s what they did:

  1. Preparation: coaches made a video, a bus “ticket collector” box & coloured bus tickets
  2. Set out colour-coded tables with popcorn on
  3. As staff entered the room they were each given a ticket to go to different colour coded tables
  4. Welcome from Vice Principal who was overseeing the project
  5. Showed video cinema style
  6. Presentation from coaches spelt out how it would be organised it & how to sign up
  7. Coaches & coaches were available & staff were given questions from the “contracting” session & the blob tree so that they could start thinking about a goal to work on next term – they then used this to help them make the decision of whether to take part
  8. Mark appeared in his sparkly jacket with the bus & invited them to get on board
  9. Staff wanting to get involved simply put their name on their ticket, indicated their preferred term for coaching & posted it into the bus!
  10. After the event: Collated names from tickets & split into 3 groups – 1 for each term – giving the preferred term choice where possible & left bus + spare tickets on reception for any additional sign ups

“The feedback we got back from senior leaders and everyone was that it was so positive. They said to get that sort of response from staff at this time of year – especially when they’d had the department meeting taken off (and a lot of people wanted that department meeting) – They said to get that sort of response was just incredible.”

- Alison Knapp


It’s going to be an exciting journey forward at John Cleveland College and we wish them every success.

NB: Trainee & graduate Coaches can view the video & tickets by logging into the Cloud area.

Thanks to Mark Boast, Helen Clarke, Tony Fraine, Alison Knapp, Catherine Smith & Michaela Thomas who all went the extra mile. Thanks also to Azizah Pathan, Roger Dainty & Paul Craven for making it happen.


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2 thoughts on “The Journey Forward

  1. The feedback received from the Coaches regarding the training was very positive and they continually referred to the training as being inspirational and having a positive impact on their own practice. The Coaching Launch was absolutely amazing! Majority of the teaching and support staff engaged with Coaching culture immediately by signing up to be coached during the academic year.

    Watching the presentations by the Second Year teachers on how being coached (while the Coaches themselves were being trained) has enabled them to improve their practice in the classroom, convinced the Senior Leaders at JCC that we had made the right choice by investing in Coaching In Schools.

    We are now in the process of implementing the first round of the Coaching cycle and we look forward to reaping the rewards of a culture change.

    Azizah Pathan (Vice Principal)
    Roger Dainty (Assistant Principal)

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