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We always define our success by your results.


This unique coaching system is The Ultimate Coaching System for Schools. It’s not the cheapest, but you’ll see it is the best value.

We’re extremely proud that it’s been tested and proven to consistently out-perform all other coaching models in schools because it enables you to get better results more quickly and easily. (No other provider knows or can teach you the Coachinginschools protected system so please beware of copycats & imposters!)

Over the past 20 years there have been 1000s of amazing reviews for Coachinginschools from CEOs, Headteachers, Line Managers, Teacher and Support Staff who’ve worked with us. They’ve applied it in so many different situations – both in school and in their personal lives – because it’s helped them to save so much time, reduce stress, and dramatically improve outcomes.

As a result, colleagues frequently describe the Coachinginschools Coaching Programme as “Life-Changing” and “Transformational”.

Like them, when you decide to work with us you’ll get an excellent return on your investment – Guaranteed! Here is just a small selection of the feedback we’ve received, showing their experiences and results with Coachinginschools…

“Annie’s approach has revolutionised how we empower colleagues to make the difference in their classrooms. It’s timely, targeted and most importantly the impact is felt across our school community.

Not all coaching is the same. If you are thinking of investing in a coaching model then invest in this one – it works!”


“It’s changed the way I work, the way I think and I’d recommend it to anybody… Life-changing!… Enlightening! It’s given me energy…It’s helped me feel less stressed…It’s helped me get promoted. It’ll have benefits wherever you use it!”

Trainees – Leaders, Teachers & Support Staff

Various schools across the UK

“It’s gone beyond my expectations…It’s made a massive impact. That can only be for good within a school – when you’re looking at not just people’s professional development and their professional growth – but their personal well-being as well.”

Jill Miller – Headteacher
Richmond Hill School
“When I completed my NPQH coaching came out as an outstanding feature of mine…but this has taken my knowledge and experience of coaching to a whole new level. I would recommend it to other people.”

Josie Walter – Assistant Headteacher

Bushmead Primary School

“I think that any school that really wants to effect a real transformation should be looking this that goes to the roots of everything they’re trying to do. And therefore, without reservation, I would whole-heartedly recommend the investment.”
Lesley Gwinnett – CEO & Executive Headteacher

Endeavour Learning Trust

“Sceptics have been totally converted. It isn’t only a valuable tool to use in your working life. It’s a tool to use in your personal life Anyone who trains with Coachinginschools to get this is developing skills for life.”
Mark Wright – Assistant Headteacher

Brentwood County High School

“We were able to coach more people because it’s more efficient…I was really pleased with the outcomes of it. It’s simple. It makes sense. It’s structured well. It’s accessible straight away. And it has an impact.”
Biddy Coombes – Director of Coaching
Rosebery School
“I thought this would be another box-ticking exercise. Something I could put on my CV and move on. But I’ve been genuinely impressed with how effective the techniques are, and how much I’ve enjoyed the sessions.”
James Bradbury – Head of Department

Beauchamp College

“Brilliant! I think it’s one of those things you kind of think ‘Is this really going to work?’ But actually its strength’s in its simplicity… You follow the steps, and it does work!…Yes. Most definitely!”
Ian Latta – Director of Teaching & Learning
Hope Academy
“It was very awe-inspiring seeing how just wording different things, just small steps made an impact straight away. It was the best CPD. The one that’s had the most impact. It’s been the best CPD that I’ve done.”
Carol Murray – Former AST & Coaching Co-ordinator

Salford City Academy

“It genuinely works. And it genuinely moves forward. It’s sustainable, and the staff love it. I think the impact will be long-term, which is what you’re looking for in anything you invest in, in a school.”
Debbie Foolkes – Headteacher

Woodlands Secondary School

“Each of you has been transformed by this experience. The power of this seems to be quite remarkable…The more people who get the benefit of this the better.”
Mike Cook – Headteacher

Heckmondwike Grammar School

“We’ve got these results, so I would advocate if that’s all the money you can afford, I would put it all into a coaching programme, and you will see a much better return from it. It really is worth every penny.”
Mary Page – Deputy Headteacher

Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School

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When you work with Coachinginschools you’ll get the best coaching system, the best outcomes, and the best return on your investment - Guaranteed!