Coaching SEN pupils with EBSD improves Attendance, Attitudes, Progress & Grades [Coaching Special Needs Schools]

Discover how Julie Page used Coaching to provide better support for pupils with Emotional, Behavioural and Social disorders...

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

I wanted to change how pupils with EBSD were supported. I felt that pupils who had been integrated after PACE intervention, through no fault of their own, or of the teachers for that matter were not receiving continued support in the classroom. I also wanted to set up a training opportunity for staff to become student coaches, helping students to improve their chances of meeting expected target grades. MY VISION “with a large, strong team of coaches, more students at SCA will reveal their own powers within!... In coaching we empower our students to face life's challenges head on, to succeed in education and thrive in other future aspects of their lives. We are not providing them with the tools, we are merely providing them with an opportunity to discover that actually, they already have the tools themselves.”

What EXACTLY did you do?

20 staff members trained as coaches and became student coaches. We teamed up with the achievement team to identify students who may benefit from coaching and set up 6 weekly coaching sessions for student and coach to meet for 15 minutes

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

Impact on pupils: enthused, empowered, grades improved, attendance improved, health and well-being improved.

Impact on staff: confidence raised, work place improved, obstacles removed, empowered, health and well being improved, performance improved.


Thanks to Julie Page, HLTA/2nd in SEN / Student coaching coordinator, Salford City Academy for sharing her coaching success story.


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