Spring Clean Time!


Spring has finally sprung!

It’s one of my favourite times of the year. As the recent snow melts we're beginning to see sunnier skies. Trees bud, flowers bloom, lambs are born and everything coming to life again.


It’s the perfect time for a fresh start and rapid growth.

So how about doing a little professional spring cleaning?

In life there are many things that we "put up with" or "put off":

  • It might be a minor inconvenience like a light bulb that doesn't work or a spider's web on your ceiling.
  • It may be someone else's irritating habit or behaviour.
  • It could be an unfinished job, a messy desk, a lazy colleague, or perhaps even a squeaky office chair!

Got the idea?

It could be pretty much anything really!

The danger of "putting up with" and "putting off" things is that they drain your energy, steal your time & nag away in the back of your mind.

Believe it or not, these little things can dramatically slow down your progress and make other things take far longer to do.

So if you want to make faster progress & put a spring in your step, it's important that you STOP "putting up with" and "putting off" things AND spring clean them from your life.

The question is...

...What sorts of things are YOU "putting up with" or "putting off"?

>> Take 5 minutes to complete this exercise and then enjoy the results!

5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Life

Step 1:
Take 3 minutes to jot down the things that you're putting up with or putting off

Step 2

Circle 1 thing on your list that you will "spring clean" this week

Step 3:

Jot down 1-5 action step(s) you will take to put it right & WHEN (exactly!)

Step 4:
Do what you've said you'll do & cross off each action step when completed

Action will make sure that they're eliminated, but you may even find that some of the things on your list will magically disappear just as a result of completing steps 1-3 of this exercise!

Step 5:
Reward yourself!

Simply repeat the process to eliminate each item from your list & discover new levels of energy & success this Spring.



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