SOLUTIONS vs. PROBLEMS – What’s The Culture In Your School?

by Annie Boate

SOLUTIONS vs. PROBLEMS – What’s The Culture In Your School?

by Annie Boate

by Annie Boate

SOLUTIONS vs. PROBLEMS – What’s The Culture In Your School?

Discover how to empower EVERYONE to find their own solutions (and increase their confidence).

Imagine if you ran a school where everyone was focused on ‘solutions’ rather than ‘problems’.

It’d be great, wouldn’t it?

I don’t know if you can relate, but in too many schools there’s a culture of bringing every little problem to those at the top. And the belief is that only leaders have got the knowledge and power to fix things. So there’s a real dependency culture.

In fact, problems are always somebody else’s problem unless you’re the Head. And then you’re the “chief fixer!”

And what that means for you is that if you’re often having to solve other people’s problems, it’s frustrating. Plus it’s time consuming, exhausting and unsustainable.

So how can you empower staff to find their own solutions?

By enrolling them on our online “Coach Approach” training.

This course will establish a coaching culture across your school. So that’s a culture where all staff adopt a positive solution focused approach and they learn to find the answers to their own problems.

We’ll also teach your staff powerful questioning and listening techniques that will strengthen all interactions and all relationships with their colleagues, pupils and parents, and it’ll increase their confidence. So there’ll be no more looking for others to fix things for them.

The coach approach is an attitude. A way of working. A way of life.

I’m Annie Boate CEO at Coaching in Schools.

And to support schools during Coronavirus we’ve drastically reduced the price of this course for a short period. Go to bit.ly/thecoachapproach to see the details and apply, so that you can create a more positive, solution-focused culture throughout your whole school.