Reviews of coaching in schools & return on investment

Our team is highly qualified, accredited and come highly recommended!

We're proud to say that 100% of our clients have been happy with our services and seen measurable benefits, giving them an excellent return on their investment as you'll see in the comments below...

“Ofsted graded us as outstanding and I have no doubt that coaching had its part to play in this!”
Jill Abram, Assistant Head, Spalding High School
“There is no doubt that the programme has had a positive impact at Brookfield. Not only has it provided a new range of skills for the staff involved, but it has increased our capacity for peer to peer support. Where we have used coaching to support a colleague, it has had a measurable impact on lesson grades and the quality of teaching and learning. It is enabling us to develop a coaching culture in the school.”
Russ Barr, Deputy Assistant Director, Education Improvement Service, Schools & Learning, Chesterfield LA
"Excellent CPD for a number of staff that has had impact across the whole school"
Wendy Wallace, Headteacher, Crow Lane Primary School
"The coaching programme has made a significant contribution to school improvement."
Martin Reynolds, Headteacher, Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School
“I am pleased with not only the coaches commitment to their roles, but also the coachees, and of the impact coaching is having in raising the profile of Teaching and Learning in the school”
Sharon Rossides, Executive Principal, Darton College
"One of my coachees was achieving a 4 in lesson observations. He wasn't sure how to show progress or plan to promote progress. Following the six week cycle he achieved an outstanding in the recent Ofsted Inspection."
Coach, Salford City Academy
“BSM achieved its highest pass rate including English & Maths, and pupils who were identified as at risk were coached and succeeded in their examinations” Catherine Godbold, Head of Science / Lead Coach, Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School
“Coaching is one of the quickest and most effective means of impacting positively on teaching and learning. We’ve taken the department forward far more quickly than we could have possibly done before and they feel more empowered to move on with the difficult challenges we have here. The potential is never-ending!”
Janine Middleton, Head of MFL & Literacy, Westborough High School
“It’s supported the delivery of 2 major projects in the LA”
Ann Plumpton, Consultant, St Helens LA
“When taught to coach before (on NPQH) it introduced coaching in a whirl, told me that “I can do it”, and then let me get on with it as if expert! Your programme forced me to become expert rather than just anointing me so.”
Assistant Head – personal details withheld on request
“Helped me to identify priorities which enables me to ensure a healthier work life balance”
Ruth Craven, Assistant Headteacher, Challenge College
“I’ve found coaching incredibly powerful, both in my personal life and my work life, and I’ve really learnt a lot about questioning techniques, about how to time manage, and my stress levels are considerably lower than they were because of the skills I’ve learnt on the course.”
Russell King, Assistant Headteacher, Passmores Academy (Educating Essex TV Series)
“I was the most sceptical person in the world. I really didn’t think it would work, but it won me over in about 5 minutes when I saw the difference it made! ...I’m now really passionate about it, and it’s made my life easier because it’s made people in my department take responsibility.”
Jo Bacon, Deputy Headteacher, Tarleton Academy
“It was a breath of fresh air seeing other staff’s perception of coaching turned on its head when it’s done properly!”
Mat Hafernik, AST, Tideway School
“The coaching programme has made me a confident and more effective leader”
Peter Renardson, Vice Principal, Darton College
"The coachees who had received fours and were on the coaching programme were all Ofsted observed and all got 2s and 1s!"
Carol Murray, Director of CPD & Coaching, Salford City Academy
“Recently I had a pupil who was underachieving...After 2 coaching sessions the colleague that taught her came back and said “Wow - What have you done to her?! She’s totally different and she’s taking ownership of her work now!”
Liz Kelleher, Acting Head of Art, Spalding High School
“Having been originally very sceptical, I’m now convinced that coaching is the right way forward for staff and pupils.”
Su Barton, Maths Teacher, Cowley Language College
“It’s completely exceeded all of my personal expectations and the expectations that the school had. It’s become so much part of us, and what we are and what we do.”
Suzette Mondroit, Senior Academic Coach, Passmores Academy (Educating Essex TV Series)
“I’d highly recommend it. If any of you are thinking of actually doing it and are actually worried about the value for money aspect, I’d say you’ve got no need to worry whatsoever. It’s one of the best courses we’ve taken part in. Excellent.”
Tony Hardcastle, Assistant Headteacher, Clifton: A Community Arts School
“The most valuable training I’ve ever done, it has long lasting impact on both professional and personal life.”
Elaine White, Director of Green Light Teaching School Alliance, Shelley College