Sue Yates (Learning Resource Centre Manager), Ashcroft High School

Coaching increases reading age by 1 year and 7 months (in just 6 x 15 minutes)

What's was the coachee/situation like BEFORE the coaching?

  • A Year 7 student had not attempted his reading target in English
  • He had read no books at all since coming in to school in September
  • His reading age was 2 years BELOW his chronological age

What EXACTLY did you do?

Met weekly for 15 minute coaching sessions for 6 weeks

On the first session I spoke to the coachee about his reading age being below his chronological age by 2 years, and the fact that he had not met his reading target. I showed him the data which gave me that information. 

The focus area was to reach his target and to improve his reading age during the coaching cycle. He showed great commitment and gave some great answers as I worked through the Coaching Toolkit with him (which was given to me as part of my coaching in schools training).

His focus was to improve his reading age during the 6 week coaching cycle.

His goal was to read for 20 minutes per day.

At our second coaching session he had finished reading 2 books (he had not previously read any at all this school year!) He’d also passed the online quizzes on them – one at 60% and one at 100%

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

  • The pupil's final reading test showed his reading age had increased by 1 year and 7 months.
  • Pupil is now actually ABOVE his chronological age by a couple of months!
  • He is delighted with his progress (as am I!)
  • The Headteacher even complimented him on his 'growth mindset'

CONGRATULATIONS to Sue and the student on this fantastic achievement. We hope it inspires you to learn and use the powerful Coachinginschools System to coach pupils in your school.