Results & Impact of coaching in schools

We don't just talk about results & impact, we make it happen!

That's because we don't do "fluffy" or "fuzzy"! This has got teeth!

Our approach really delivers the goods. If you're leading coaching in school (and taking it seriously) you don't want to get it wrong. You'll feel that you want a system that's independently proven to consistently out-perform all other coaching models in schools AND help you to achieve the results that you want quickly & easily.

As you'll see for yourself, the system has had remarkable success - and we'd be honoured and delighted to share it with you and your colleagues. In fact, Senior leaders of schools involved in programmes say they’ve seen significant improvements in colleagues’ motivation, effectiveness and the quality of teaching, learning & leadership AND gained an excellent return on their investment.

We track our Coaching Programmes, and the latest data shows up to:

  • 29% increase in Students' Progress and Results
  • 27% improvement in the Quality of Teaching
  • 44% higher Aspirations & Ambitions
  • 44% growth in Confidence
  • 40% more Impact & Contribution to the School

Data supplied by some of our Coaching Quality Mark TM Schools shows independent proof of impact, eg:

Coaching Impact on School / Teaching:

  • Improvement in teaching and learning statistics
  • 30% Increase in “Good & Outstanding” Lessons in just 7 months
  • Staff getting “4s” turned into “2s” and “1s” in a 6 week coaching cycle
  • Retaining quality staff that would have left otherwise
  • Increased confidence and effectiveness in roles (eg leadership & managing behaviour)




Coaching Impact on Pupils / Learning:

  • Lower absence & truancy rates
  • Increase in VA & improved point score, eg from 512 to 536
  • More students achieving 1A*-G and 5A*-C GCSE grades including English & Maths
  • 536 pieces of overdue/missing coursework generated in just eight weeks
  • Better progress and attainment (eg English grades boosted from a ‘D’ to an ‘A’, science coursework grades went from D+E to B+A*, SATS level increased from 4a to 6b)





Outcomes like these give your school a real edge within the community, as does the knock-on effect of better quality teaching & learning and enhanced future career prospects for staff and students.