Education Coaching Revolution Led By Forward-Thinking Headteachers

by Annie Boate

Education Coaching Revolution Led By Forward-Thinking Headteachers

by Annie Boate

by Annie Boate

A headteacher from Luton is recommending a new book that has been released about coaching in schools.

Monica Austin, Ashcroft High School headteacher, wrote the foreword and case study for Annie Boate’s latest book, ‘A Coaching Revolution’. Ashcroft was the first Luton school to embrace Annie’s revolutionary coaching system back in 2012. The Senior Leadership Team was amazed by the massive impact.

Since then Annie has worked with the school each year to train a new cohort of coaches. The school currently has 35 trained coaches who coach staff and students.

The book, which was officially launched on Thursday 26th April, has become a Number 1 Best Seller. 

It’s an easy-to-read, inspiring and jargon-free book that you simply will not want to put down. When you read it you’ll learn simple yet powerful coaching strategies which you can start using instantly to make your job and your life a lot easier. It will help you to get the best out of your colleagues and pupils, improve your outcomes, and save you a HUGE amount of time and stress!

Annie said: “I’ve trained thousands of people across the UK and overseas. Watching the coaching magic spread across Luton has been really exciting and rewarding.

“Around 150 people in over 20 schools are now using my model to drive up standards and support pupils.

“This shows how special Luton headteachers are, and how passionately they care about supporting their children and staff to promote wellbeing and high performance.

“Luton is a real pioneer and has started its own Coaching Revolution.”

Whilst ‘A Coaching Revolution’ is written for busy people working in schools, many people outside the education sector (including parents) have also found Annie’s practical strategies useful.

In fact, if you interact with any other human beings, then this book is a ‘must-read’.

Monica Austin said “Coaching is the main strategy for improvement at Ashcroft.

“It’s had a tangible impact on teaching, learning and leadership.

“When we were inspected in January 2018, the Ofsted inspectors were very impressed with the positive impact that coaching was having on both staff and students.

“Staff wellbeing is a key issue in schools. If we’re going to get the best out of our children, then we need to get the best out of our staff. Annie’s unique coaching system does this.

“We’ve also realised the huge potential that coaching has for improving the mental health and wellbeing of students.

“It’s helped them deal with a whole range of personal challenges. At this time of year it’s also stopped them cracking up under exam pressure.

“I’ve been a Headteacher for fourteen years and I’ve come across many other types of coaching before, but never anything as powerful as this!

The book, ‘A Coaching Revolution’, is available on Amazon. Schools who want to learn Annie’s fast and effective coaching model should contact her via coachinginschools.com or phone her on 01636 351 352 for a chat.

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