“Good” in just 6 x 30 minute sessions! [Coaching improves quality of Teaching & Learning]

How Rachael coached a struggling colleague to good in just 6 x 30 minute coaching sessions...

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

Coachee regularly getting 3 or 4 for observations and put on a coaching "support package" to improve teaching and learning.

What EXACTLY did you do?

Met weekly for 30 minute coaching sessions for 6 weeks (3 hours total)

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

Coachee is now more confident in planning lessons to show progress and has got 2's for the last couple of weeks in their observations.


Thanks to Rachael, Head of MFL for sharing her story – school details have been withheld on request in order to protect confidentiality for Rachael's coachee


What's YOUR coaching success story?

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