We deliver the MOST EFFECTIVE Observation & Feedback Training for Schools

Giving Feedback this way gets instant improvements (and avoids stress!)

Giving Feedback Effectively is Crucial!

Many school staff are responsible for developing others. This includes giving feedback on performance. Staff are often expected to carry out this crucial role with little or no training, meaning a lot of people in your school will find this a huge challenge.

Research shows that…

Most staff find giving feedback stressful – especially if they have to give ‘difficult’ messages.

Many staff on the receiving end report feeling judged, frustrated and disempowered. To make matters worse, giving feedback can be time-consuming for you. So even if you spend an hour giving feedback it doesn’t guarantee improvement! There’s often no consistent approach across the school either.

giving feedback - leading difficult conversations coaching teachers to improve stress

So How Will This System Help?

Imagine giving feedback ‘Coach-Style’ using a model which is proven to make feedback a far more valuable, positive and empowering experience. 

It makes ‘difficult conversations’ feel really easy. And it quickly improves practice. In fact, it only takes around 5-10 minutes. What’s more, you can use this system to improve performance in virtually any aspect in your school.

giving feedback leading difficult conversations without stress

It’s frustrating when all of this time spent on giving feedback isn’t leading to the improvements in performance or outcomes that you’d expect.

The problem is, if you don’t have this effective observation and feedback system in your school, you risk leaving line managers feeling stressed or embarrassed every time they need to have these conversations. They end up dreading it. Worse still, little changes as result of the conversation – even though they’ve pointed out exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it! They just don’t understand why things aren’t improving – and at times they feel like tearing their hair out!

You may have noticed people on the receiving end of feedback either arguing, becoming defensive, or going away feeling so upset that they want to leave the profession. As a result their confidence drops and their health suffers. They feel demoralised, demotivated and deflated. So it’s hardly surprising that some schools are haemorrhaging staff when this is the case!

Obviously, this problem isn’t going to fix itself, so it’s important for you to deal with it now.

Otherwise staff won’t improve. The stress and frustration will still be there. And the school won’t move forward in the way you’d like it to. When this happens it’s obviously going to affect your budget, and the quality of teaching and learning.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you’ve learnt how to give ‘coach-style’ feedback using our system you’ll instantly eliminate these problems.

You’ll save time. You’ll stop inconsistency. And you’ll get rid of stress. What’s more, you’ll quickly improve performance, leading to better outcomes.

Key Benefits of this System

Teachers and SLT who have experienced these ‘coach-style’ observations and feedback report that they find them ‘developmental’ and ‘helpful’, rather than ‘judgemental’ and ‘stressful’!

  • Eliminate stress and embarrassment
  • More efficient and effective feedback
  • Establish a consistent approach across the school
  • Apply to ANY role or task to sharpen performance
  • Staff request more observations and feedback so they can continue to develop professionally!
Absolutely anyone! If you have to give somebody feedback on their performance then this training is definitely for you – whatever your role.

No. You’ll be able to use this to feed back to anyone on anything! When you use this method it’ll instantly improve the quality and consistency of performance.

Our system is unique. If you’ve already done other feedback training this will take it to the next level. Our model will save you time and have greater impact.

Yes! In fact, using it with trainees and apprentices has dramatically accelerated their progress and development.

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Annie Boate


I’ll show you how to make ‘Observations and Giving Feedback’ far more valuable, positive and consistent. When you adopt this powerful ‘Coach-Style’ feedback system you’ll secure faster improvements and avoid stress!


When you book this ‘Coach-Style’ Observation & Feedback training for your school today, you’ll gain access to:

giving feedback - Head mastered difficult conversations

Powerful Feedback Training which
takes the stress out of giving feedback

  • Step-by-step fun & interactive training in the most efficient and effective way of giving feedback
  • How to provide constructive feedback that improves practice quickly and easily (it only takes around 5-10 mins)
  • The ‘Coach-Style’ feedback model which is proven to make feedback a far more valuable, positive and empowering experience
  • A simple strategy to make ‘difficult conversations’ or ‘giving the bad news’ feel really easy
  • How to get people focusing on ‘the best way forward’ rather than ‘dwelling on the bad bits’
  • How to identify key features to improve performance in virtually any aspect in your school
  • LIVE Walk-Through Day in your school (approx. 1-2 weeks later) to hold your hand and embed the learning


Session 1 – How to Feed Back ‘Coach-Style’

  • How to take a ‘Coach Approach’ in observing and giving feedback
  • How to ensure people go away with an action step that they’ll actually do!
  • The 5 steps of effective feedback (use these in everything you observe!)
  • The 2 critical things you need to prepare BEFORE giving feedback
  • The script that helps you in EVERY feedback scenario you come across!

Session 2 – LIVE Walk-Through Practice

  • What exactly to look for and write down when you’re observing
  • Get an honest evaluation of your feedback strengths and tips to improve
  • The #1 thing you need to work on to improve your feedback
  • What ‘bad habits’ you need to eliminate before they become ingrained
  • How to easily get ownership and ‘buy-in’ from all staff

Staff Views on 'Coach-Style' Feedback



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