HLTA Coaches Year 10 Pupil from “Avoiding Work” to a “Grade C” Maths [GCSE]

Learn how HLTA Tracey Greaves helped a student go from avoiding work to a Maths grade C...

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

Year 10 student C,W. would shout out walk around the class and do anything to avoid his work!

What EXACTLY did you do?

I met with him weekly to try to boost his confidence and success in maths. He told me he would like to achieve a (c) in maths, so I went through the 12 step model on our first meeting. At the second meeting I asked C.W. how things had gone and if he felt he could do what he said he would do in the last meeting. I could see straight away his self-esteem had improved by his body language and his freedom of speech to me. Getting the best out of our pupils was my aim in these meetings.

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

C.W. has achieved a (D) in maths this has been a big success for him, now he is on for achieving a (C) in his maths exam. He interacts more with his peers, has talked to me on the corridor and asked to meet up on different days, whereas before he was reluctant to meet!


Thanks to Tracey Greaves, HLTA, Broad Oak for sharing her story


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