Our unique coaching system for education delivers impressive tangible results.

Education Coaching Impact Data - (Examples showing the impact of our unique Coaching System)

Results regularly exceed expectations

  • Reducing sickness, absence and the number of staff leaving
  • More confidence and effectiveness in leadership, teaching and managing behaviour
  • Lower stress levels and improved mental health and well-being for staff and students (stopping them feeling like they were drowning or cracking under pressure)
  • Improved engagement and better behaviour for learning (with a lot less conflict and confrontation!)
  • Lower truancy rates, improved attendance and punctuality
  • Pupils giving more in-depth answers, recalling information more easily in exams, and results going up
  • Getting out of ‘Special Measures’ and going from ‘Inadequate’ and ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ (Ofsted Inspection Ratings)
  • Staff coached from 3s and 4s to 2s and 1s in six weeks or less! (Ofsted Verified)
  • All three schools supported by a ‘National Support School’ (using our model) increased their GCSE Results, going from 37% to 60%; from 40% to 55% and from ‘20-odd’ up to 55%
  • Combined reading, writing and maths at Whitefield Primary School went from 37% to 64% in one Year and their Ofsted judgement went from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’
  • A seven year old girl coached by Headteacher Sue Dorban improved her reading by two book band levels within six weeks
  • A reception class at Warden Hill Infant School went from just 13.79% to 72.41% of children writing through choice, and also improved their technical writing skills as a result of their teacher being coached for just six 15 minute sessions
  • The reading age for a Year 7 boy coached by Sue Yates (Learning Resource Centre Manager) increased by 1 year and 7 months in six weeks
  • 64% of C/D borderline students at St Bernard’s Catholic High School who were coached achieved C grades in their Science GCSE compared with just 33.33% of students who were mentored
  • Increase in ‘value added’ and ‘Progress 8’ scores
  • Better progress and attainment (e.g. English grades boosted from a ‘D’ to an ‘A’, Maths GCSE grade boosted from a ‘D’ to a ‘B’, a pupil who was refusing to put pen to paper was coached from a U to a B grade, Science coursework grades went from Ds and Es to Bs and A*s, a pupil’s SATS level increased from 4a to 6b, and thirteen Year 5 under-achieving pupils doubled their rate of progress to achieve their age-related targets (or above) and their end of year targets)