Breaching Copyright Makes You Liable for Unlimited Fines & up to 10 Years in Prison

This is an important alert. Please:

  1. Read it carefully
  2. Take any appropriate action immediately
  3. Make sure that your colleagues are aware of the information below.

I was recently shocked to discover unauthorised use of our work, so I’m emailing to remind you that ALL of our concepts, materials and models are ‘copyright’ and are part of a registered trademark. They are our ‘intellectual property’ (IP).

Breaches of copyright and theft of intellectual property are highly illegal and are taken extremely seriously in Law. IP crime can make you and your school liable for unlimited fines for damages, loss of business and legal costs, and a prison sentence of up to 10 years. It also obviously affects your school’s reputation and can result in disciplinary action being taken against you. You may be instantly suspended or dismissed for gross misconduct and bringing your school into disrepute. In law, ignorance is not considered to be a defence.

I’m sure you’d be horrified if you saw someone walking into a shop, helping themselves to something and then walking out without paying. I’m also pretty convinced that you’d think it was fraudulent if someone was making counterfeit money and supplying it to other people.

It’s exactly the same with our coaching system. It’s illegal, underhand and immoral for people to help themselves to our work or copy it or use it without paying.

You are breaking the law if you do things like:

  1. Training others in any of our concepts or models
  1. “Talking someone through” how to coach using the 12-Step Model
  1. “Talking someone through” how to observe and give feedback using our 7 Key Features and feedback model
  1. Showing, lending or giving someone a copy of anything which is our intellectual property. (If they’re registered with us on an approved programme they’ll need to contact us directly to access this).
  1. Sticking a copy of our 12-Step Model up on your office/classroom wall
  1. Making a ‘coaching wall display’ using any of our materials
  1. Retyping, rewriting or changing/adapting any of our materials
  1. Copying or converting files into any other format
  1. Removing our information and/or adding your school’s logo to our materials
  1. Making, supplying or distributing unauthorised copies of our materials to others in any format
  1. Sharing your login details with someone
  1. Role-playing or demonstrating a ‘coaching’ or ‘feedback’ session using our models

In a nutshell, your programme trains YOU to coach and gives YOU the right to use our materials when you’re coaching other people.

I can understand our trainee/graduate coaches wanting to share information because they’ve found it so valuable in their personal and professional lives. In this case please recommend that your friends and colleagues complete the training themselves. There are 2 options:

  1. You can apply to become an Accredited Trainer with us; or
  2. Ask your friends/colleagues to enrol on one of our approved courses.

We have various packages available to suit different budgets. So, if any of your friends or colleagues would like to be trained in any aspect of our work, just let me know. We can then discuss the best way forward and work out a suitable payment plan for you.

Please remember that is a small family business, not some big faceless ‘corporate machine’ who might not notice if someone steals something from them or rips them off! I’ve personally invested 18 years of my time and in excess of £100,000 building my coaching system for one reason – because I wanted to make life better and easier for people like you.

As you may know, I left education several years ago to deliver the coaching programme in the business world. It was extremely lucrative and I was able to earn a fortune (which is obviously not possible in education). I decided to give that up and come back to work in education because it didn’t feel right that people in schools were missing out on something so powerful.

Since then I’ve kept our fees as low as possible. I’ve taken as little money as possible out of the company, and I’ve reinvested as much money as possible in developing resources which reduce stress levels, enable people to work more successfully and help to improve schools. Feedback consistently describes our programmes as “transformational” and “life-changing”. Therefore, I find it very frustrating when individuals betray my trust by breaching copyright and stealing my intellectual property. This is my livelihood and I too have bills to pay, and so do my staff, so I’m sure you will appreciate that I cannot allow everything I’ve built to be destroyed by the actions of a few individuals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know that the vast majority of people wouldn’t behave in this way. However, I also know that some people aren’t aware of the serious legal implications of copyright infringement, so I hope that this communication has raised awareness and will help to avoid potential prosecution.

I am therefore requesting that you:

  1. Ensure your colleagues are clear about intellectual property infringements and the consequences
  1. Take action to cease any known infringements immediately
  1. Stand up for what is right by stopping and reporting any known infringements (now or in the future) to me immediately
  1. Contact me if you have any questions or require any further clarification at all
  1. Save this message for future reference

Thank you for your continued support, your professionalism and your integrity. It’s these values that will help us to eliminate any malpractice.


Annie Boate
Founder & Managing Director