Coaching Turns Around Difficult Student in 15 Minutes! [Coaching improves Learning, Behaviour & Pupil Progress]

How Rebecca Conn coached a disengaged student to re-engage and improve his effort and progress in just 15 minutes...

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

Coachee was a year 10 student, causing behavioural issues in RE for a colleague. Prior to coaching, the student's relationship with said colleague had broken down and as a result, student was causing issues in lessons and making little progress in RE. Colleague was frustrated and felt like they had run out of strategies to use with this student. Student felt like he was being singled out for reprimand and had disengaged from RE completely.

What EXACTLY did you do?

Met with the coachee for 15 mins at break, directly after the lesson with my colleague. Went through the coaching model, in which the student identified how his behaviour was impacting on the behaviour of other students and the teacher. Student identified that in order to rebuild the relationship with his teacher and continue to make progress, he would need to move seats, speak respectfully and do as asked. Student left happy with the outcomes of the session and motivated to follow through with them.

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

Coachee's behaviour and effort improved much in lessons with my colleague. He took responsibility for his own actions, something he had not been keen to do prior to the session. His engagement improved, as did his effort and progress, as a direct result of this.


Thanks to Rebecca Conn, Subject Leader RE, Subject Network Leader RE, ITT Coordinator, Accrington Academy for sharing her story


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