Coaching Teachers – 12 Step Model Boosts Confidence, Behaviour & Results (Katie Lund, Queen Ethelburga’s College)

Coaching Teachers: Coaching Makes Massive Impact on Pupils' Behaviour & Improves GCSE Grades (from Ds & Es to As) - [00:01:52]

Before coaching Katie Lund from Queen Ethelburga's College was at a stage where she dreaded going into her Year 11 lesson. Being coached increased her confidence, improved behaviour and had a massive impact on grades.


Interviewer (Annie Boate): "How did you find being coached?"

I loved it. I thought it was really interesting.

...It had a very positive impact on my Year 11 class as well.

I made them my focus, and because the low level disruption was quite high for where I wanted it to be, so I had that as my long-term goal at the end of six weeks.

And I found that being coached throughout it had a very positive impact on the kids and the low-level disruptions as well.

I also found that had a MASSIVE IMPACT in terms of the grades...
...When they came to me at the start of Year 11 they were about a 'D/E' and then now they've just gone into their exam hoping to get 'As'.

Interviewer (Annie Boate): "Wow!"


Interviewer (Annie Boate): "That's brilliant, well done!"

Yeah! So it's been really interesting, really enjoyable, and I found that it was really good for me to just have targets, and it seemed to have a positive impact on me and the kids as well, and they all seem to like the different things that I was trying with them. And I even tried to have them involved in what they wanted to do - that was one of my targets as well.

Interviewer (Annie Boate): "That's fantastic. So how did you benefit personally from it?"

It increased my confidence a lot more with them...
...because I was going...I was a stage where I was dreading going into the lesson because I thought "Oh my God!"

And then I started the coaching, and then I found that it increased my confidence as well, and increased my teaching ability.

And then what I've used with them I've used with my other classes as well...
...So it's been really good.

Interviewer (Annie Boate): "Wow! So what difference has it made to the quality of your teaching?"

...It's made a massive difference because I find that I more think about the different strategies that I'm doing... So I now have a step-by-step plan in my head thinking about "right how could it impact the kids? And what do I want to achieve out of that lesson? And then it makes it even more effective really.

Interviewer (Annie Boate): "Fantastic.Thank you ever so much.

Thank you