Coaching Pupils: How Coaching Stopped This Year 11 Pupil Cracking Under Pressure

Danielle John tells us her story... [00:13:58]

Coaching helped Danielle go from being TERRIFIED of entering the exam hall (and feeling like she'd have a mental breakdown) to being able to CONFIDENTLY enter the exam room (and feeling like a weight's been lifted off).

Her advice to Headteachers worldwide is:

"You need to learn how to do that because Ms Austin's changed my life. That sounds so cliché again but honestly she has. And I feel like if more people had the training and the expertise to do that to other people then it would just be so fantastic because I'm just 1 person that she's helped and there could be so many more people that feel the way that I feel now."

Danielle also feels that coaching has improved her life in general, her mental health and wellbeing and her relationships with friends and family. "It just makes you a better person."

Huge thanks to Danielle and Ashcroft High School for allowing us to share this story with you.

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