Coaching in Schools Model Works Miracles

Lisa Gregson, Head of Key Stage 4, Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate.

"No one prepared me for the fact that a 3 day course would change my life! Coaching not only enhanced my career professional development but also my personal life... it works miracles!"

"My biggest success story is using it with a student who had a catalogue of issues with behaviour, child protection and safeguarding. Members of staff struggled to speak to him, he was a difficult character but even after coaching session one, the model worked miracles and I finally found a way to converse with this young boy. He fully engaged and committed himself to the programme and step 5 began to make him smile each session because he knew he had to think hard! But week after week not only did he make progress in the classroom but also within his personality. He looked happier and occasionally used the coaching to try and open up and although I would say "we can come back to this at the end if you would still like to talk about it" he often did decide he wanted to talk and this helped him overcome significant challenges in his life because he began to trust me and build a rapport which was not something which came particularly easy to him. After two cycles of coaching his mother bought me a gift to say thank you for the impact that the coaching had on him. She gave me a Swarovski butterfly paperweight to keep on my desk as she said it represented her child as when he flew the nest into sixth form and spread his wings, it was all because of my hard work."


"There are endless examples I could give about the positive impact coaching has had and I genuinely believe this is the best gift I have been given in my career so far, that will not be forgotten."


Thanks to Lisa Gregson, Head of Key Stage 4, Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate for sharing her story


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