Coaching ‘A’ Level Student to Success [Coaching Pupils in Schools]

How Lee Whitmarsh coached an overwhelmed student to develop her portfolio...

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

The coachee was an A level student who was overwhelmed with the task she faced. She had no idea how to start the process of tackling the issue and wanted someone to give her the answers and direct her to a solution. The whole experience for her felt like too much to break down and address.

What EXACTLY did you do?

We arranged a time to meet up that was convenient to the coachee and allocated time to discuss the issue. I then listened to the coachee and allowed her as much time as she needed to talk and review the situation in the first meeting. Following this reflection we agreed to meet weekly for 20 minute sessions in which we went through the coaching model and focused on the positive progress she was making.

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

The coachee soon found the confidence to address the tasks set and she became much more vocal and proactive in responding to the mini goals. During the coaching cycle it was fantastic to see her actively finding me to tell me of her mini-goal successes and she accomplished her much larger aim within the timescale set. I was really pleased with the successes we had in empowering the student to develop her portfolio with sustained confidence and a sense of independence. She had been on her own creative journey and arrived at her own conclusion to the original project. Her artwork quality and progress was the direct result of the coaching experience which was fantastic to see.


Thanks to Lee Whitmarsh, Curriculum Leader Art & Photography, Knutsford Academy for sharing his story


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