Coaching Pupils: How Coaching Stopped This Year 11 Pupil Cracking Under Pressure

Danielle John tells us her story... [00:13:58]

Coaching helped Danielle go from being TERRIFIED of entering the exam hall (and feeling like she'd have a mental breakdown) to being able to CONFIDENTLY enter the exam room (and feeling like a weight's been lifted off).

Her advice to Headteachers worldwide is:

"You need to learn how to do that because Ms Austin's changed my life. That sounds so cliché again but honestly she has. And I feel like if more people had the training and the expertise to do that to other people then it would just be so fantastic because I'm just 1 person that she's helped and there could be so many more people that feel the way that I feel now."

Danielle also feels that coaching has improved her life in general, her mental health and wellbeing and her relationships with friends and family. "It just makes you a better person."

Huge thanks to Danielle and Ashcroft High School for allowing us to share this story with you.

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Coaching in Schools Model Works Miracles

Lisa Gregson, Head of Key Stage 4, Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate.

"No one prepared me for the fact that a 3 day course would change my life! Coaching not only enhanced my career professional development but also my personal life... it works miracles!"

"My biggest success story is using it with a student who had a catalogue of issues with behaviour, child protection and safeguarding. Members of staff struggled to speak to him, he was a difficult character but even after coaching session one, the model worked miracles and I finally found a way to converse with this young boy. He fully engaged and committed himself to the programme and step 5 began to make him smile each session because he knew he had to think hard! But week after week not only did he make progress in the classroom but also within his personality. He looked happier and occasionally used the coaching to try and open up and although I would say "we can come back to this at the end if you would still like to talk about it" he often did decide he wanted to talk and this helped him overcome significant challenges in his life because he began to trust me and build a rapport which was not something which came particularly easy to him. After two cycles of coaching his mother bought me a gift to say thank you for the impact that the coaching had on him. She gave me a Swarovski butterfly paperweight to keep on my desk as she said it represented her child as when he flew the nest into sixth form and spread his wings, it was all because of my hard work."


"There are endless examples I could give about the positive impact coaching has had and I genuinely believe this is the best gift I have been given in my career so far, that will not be forgotten."


Thanks to Lisa Gregson, Head of Key Stage 4, Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate for sharing her story


Coaching Pupils: Spanish Teacher Coaches Pupil from GCSE grade “U” to grade “B” [Teaching & learning coaching impact]

A Year 11 pupil was producing no work & REFUSING to put pen to paper. As a result of short coaching sessions using the coaching in schools "12-Step Model" he went from a "U" to a "B" grade...

Thanks & huge congratulations to Spanish Teacher Ludi Jones from Balshaws Church of England High School for some outstanding coaching.


“3” to “1” After Just 2 x 20 Minute Sessions! [Coaching Teachers: Quality of Teaching Goes From “Requires Improvement” to “Outstanding”]

If you know very much about teaching & learning coaching you've probably heard how our 12-step coaching model has helped hundreds of teachers to move from "requires improvement" to "good" or "good to "outstanding" in 6 weeks (or even less).

Yvonne Rooney from Beauchamp College blew us away with her results. She coached a colleague whose teaching "required improvement" to "outstanding" teaching just TWO short coaching sessions! Here's her story...


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Coaching Boosts Pupil’s Reading Score from “2 years Below Age” to “2 Months Above Age” [Coaching impact on Learning & Pupil Progress]

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

A Year 7 student had not attempted his reading target in English; he had read no books at all since coming in to school in September. His reading age was 2 years below his chronological age.

What EXACTLY did you do?

Met weekly for 15 minute coaching sessions for 6 weeks

On the first session I spoke to the coachee about his reading age being below his chronological age by 2 years and the fact he had not met his reading target. I showed him the data which gives me that information. The focus area is to reach his target and to improve his reading age during the coaching cycle. He showed great commitment and gave some great answers as I worked through the Coaching Toolkit with him (which was given to me as part of my coaching in schools training).

His focus was to improve his reading age during the coaching cycle.

His goal was to read for 20 minutes per day.

At our second coaching session he had finished reading 2 books (he had not previously read any at all this school year!) He'd also passed the online quizzes on them - one at 60% and one at 100%

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

At the end of the 6 week coaching cycle the pupil's final reading test showed his reading age had increased by 1 year and 7 months.

Now he is actually above his chronological age by a couple of months!

He is delighted with his progress as am I and the Head Teacher even complimented him on his 'growth mindset'.

coaching pupils dramatically improves reading score


Thanks to Sue Yates, Learning Resource Centre Manager, Ashcroft High School for sharing her story


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Headteacher & NLE shares views on this new way of ‘coaching’ in schools, impact & value for money [Coaching SLT, Teaching & Learning]

Headteacher & NLE Cori Bateman shares how she's used coaching & what difference it's made to her, her school & another school she supported, eg Combined reading, writing & maths from 37% to 64% in 1 Year, less stress and getting people to take responsibility for solving their own problems rather than constantly bringing trivial things to her!

Watch this summary video [3:24] and/or scroll down for the full interview...

Full interview [26:49]

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Coaching v Mentoring: What Works Best for Pupils to Boost GCSE Grades? [The Great Experiment!]

The Science department at St Bernard’s Catholic High School, Barrow in Furness, couldn’t resist putting coaching to the test!

Read on to find out how this approach compared to mentoring.


If students are coached will they make better progress than if they are mentored?


  • 20 x students (C/D borderline in science)
  • 4 x coaches (trained in the system)
  • 2 x mentors
  • Science IEP
  • Work Booklets
  • Target & Monitoring Sheets
  • AQA Results Analysis


  • 20 students were identified by the Science department to move from E or D grades in their June GCSE Exam to C grades in their January re-sit
  • Students were divided into 2 groups: 11 were coached & 9 were mentored
  • Parents were invited to a meeting where the Head of Department explained the process
  • Science IEPs were given out for Students and Parents to sign
  • Each intervention student was allocated a coach
  • Weekly meetings of 20-40 minutes took place and students were able to request extra meetings if required.


Coached students: 7 out of 11 achieved C grades (63.64%) & the other 4 students all improved their target grades. Confidence increased significantly because they weren’t told what to do, and they began coming up with goals, ideas and action steps on their own. Teacher coaches found this approach far more manageable as it involved less preparation and pressure on them.

Mentored students: 9 should have attended the sessions, but only 6 continued to attend – 3 of these improved to grade C (33.33%), 2 stayed at grade D – but improved overall UMS marks by 25. One improved to a D – UMS marks 59 improved to 218 – but this was because she joined the school late and had sat only one module in the first place.


The coaching approach worked more effectively and was more manageable for staff than mentoring


Congratulations to St Bernard’s Science Department for their remarkable success, and thank you for sharing your results with us. We’d also like to thank and give a special mention to Katie Galvaey who conducted this research task as part of an M.A. in Education




A Tale of Two Coaches… [Coaching SLT – Headteacher & Deputy Head]

THANK YOU to Cori Bateman (Headteacher) & Sarah Pollard (Deputy Headteacher) from Chantry Primary Academy for sharing their Coaching Tale with us.

Cori, Sarah & 11 other Chantry Leaders used coaching to help them make a big difference to their colleagues, friends & families...AND keep the monkeys off their backs!

Key successes for the team include: increasing pupil independence, confidence & enthusiasm, empowering others, reducing confrontation and helping colleagues (at Chantry & other schools) to work even more effectively.


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Managing Workload Stress [Coaching Teachers]

How Eimear Mc Closkey coached her colleague to manage workload stress...

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

Very stressed with workload - new Schemes of Work needed, staff absences, break out day planning. They needed help to organise their workload!

What EXACTLY did you do?

We met once a week for about 30 minutes for 6 weeks

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

Schemes of Work were completed alongside other planning issues that needed addressed. Coachee learnt how to break down tasks and break everything down to small managable chunks, and felt like the coaching had relieved a lot of stress.


Thanks to Eimear Mc Closkey, 2nd of department for Religious Studies, Hope Academy for sharing her story


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Peer Coaching Teachers: “Good” to “Outstanding” in just 5 weeks! [Teaching & Learning Coaching]

How Paul Bailey coached his Art Teacher colleague from "good" to "outstanding" in 5 weeks...

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

The coachee's lesson were being judged as good and she wanted to move to outstanding.

What EXACTLY did you do?

We met in a quiet room every Tuesday until her next observation, which was about 5 weeks. We worked through the model each week, she checked in with me each week via email and we discussed her achievements. She felt she was making good progress as she had a clear record of what she achieved each week.

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

When she was observed her judgements moved from good to outstanding.

She felt she could handle big tasks/aims/goals butter by reflecting on what needed to be done and micro manage each step in order to achieve this. She felt empowered as her goals were her own and she had time to reflect on this, which she normally wouldn't have time to do.


Thanks to Paul Bailey, Strategic Leader for ICT and Sustainability, Hope Academy for sharing his story


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“Good” in just 6 x 30 minute sessions! [Coaching improves quality of Teaching & Learning]

How Rachael coached a struggling colleague to good in just 6 x 30 minute coaching sessions...

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

Coachee regularly getting 3 or 4 for observations and put on a coaching "support package" to improve teaching and learning.

What EXACTLY did you do?

Met weekly for 30 minute coaching sessions for 6 weeks (3 hours total)

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

Coachee is now more confident in planning lessons to show progress and has got 2's for the last couple of weeks in their observations.


Thanks to Rachael, Head of MFL for sharing her story – school details have been withheld on request in order to protect confidentiality for Rachael's coachee


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It’s Time to Engage! [Teaching & Learning Coaching]

How Jo Slater coached a colleague to develop more engaging lessons...

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

Found it hard to make time to do the research she needed to do in order to effectively implement more engaging activities in to her theory lessons.

What EXACTLY did you do?

Have met weekly for 30 mins for 3 weeks so far

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

Students are already more engaged, she feels more confident about including these in her lessons and is pleased she has made herself research ideas.


Thanks to Joanne Slater 2nd i/c MFL Brookfield Community School for sharing her story


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