Case Studies of coaching in schools

Since 1998 we’ve partnered primary, secondary and SEN schools all over the world.  We thought it'd be good to interview some of them so that you can find out exactly what they did, how they did it – and maybe even “magpie” some of their strategies!

The schools featured here have all used coaching really successfully in very different ways. We hope that these stories inspire you and give you a good idea of the sorts of incredible results that can be achieved by using our unique 12-Step Model for coaching. You may be able to relate to many of these coaches in schools. And when you start your coaching education today you can also inspire people just like you!

Coaching Pupils: How Coaching Stopped This Year 11 Pupil Cracking Under Pressure [00:13:58]

Coaching helped Danielle go from being TERRIFIED of entering the exam hall (and feeling like she'd have a mental breakdown) to being able to CONFIDENTLY enter the exam room (and feeling like a HUGE weight's been lifted off her).


[Coaching Skills for Headteachers] - Coaching Stops Head "Drowning" & Delivers Sustainable Results [00:04:59]

Find out how this Headteacher used "self-coaching" and also coached her colleagues. "Personally I think it saved me in September, because I think I would have drowned if I didn't have that..."


[Coaching Pupils] - Class Goes from 4 to 21 Pupils Writing Through Choice [00:01:40]

Coaching dramatically improved writing through choice and technical writing skills in this Primary School. In just six 15 minute coaching sessions Sue Dorban (Headteacher) coached her colleague to achieve this amazing impact.


Coaching Headteachers: Coaching Gets Monkeys Off Head's Back, Increases Independence & Almost Doubles Results! [00:26:50]

Headteacher & NLE Cori Bateman from Chantry Primary Academy shares how she's used coaching & what difference it's made to her, her school & another school she supported, eg Combined reading, writing & maths from 37% to 64% in 1 Year

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Coaching Headteachers: Summary version [00:03:24]

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Coaching Teachers: Coaching Makes Massive Impact on Pupils' Behaviour & Improves GCSE Grades (from Ds & Es to As) - [00:01:52]

Before coaching Katie Lund from Queen Ethelburga's College was at a stage where she dreaded going into her Year 11 lesson. Being coached increased her confidence, improved behaviour and had a massive impact on grades.

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Best Coaching Model for Schools: 12-Step Model Trumps GROW, Converts Sceptics & Makes More Impact on Staff & Students [00:07:40]

Mark Wright (Assistant Headteacher) at Brentwood County High School tells us how coaching has converted "sceptics" & evolved...and why he feels our 12-Step Model beats the old GROW model.

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Teaching & Learning Coaching: Transforming Teaching & Learning at Tarleton Academy [00:13:14]

Lesley Gwinnett (Headteacher) & Joanna Bacon (Assistant Headteacher) reveal how they have used coaching to transform Teaching & Learning at Tarleton Academy >> Results include increased confidence, better communication and dramatic improvements to questioning & independent learning.

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Teaching & Learning Coaching: "Inadequate" to "Good" & "Outstanding" in 6 Weeks [00:07:03]

Discover how Salford City Academy scrapped mentoring and used our coaching system to help teachers drastically improve and turn “inadequate” lessons into “good” and “outstanding” lessons in a 6 week coaching cycle

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Coaching Teachers: Personalised CPD (Professional Development) - Better Teaching, Learning & Results

Find out how Brownedge St Mary’s have created a more personalised and cost-effective CPD system that’s improved teaching and learning and boosted results – And why they don’t want to go back to sending people out on the odd course

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Coaching in Schools for ALL: Coaching Pupils & Coaching Staff - Passmores Academy [00:10:54]

If "Educating Essex" TV Star Vic Goddard wants something, he makes it happen! Learn how Project Manager Suzette Mondroit has turned Principal Vic's coaching vision into reality so that absolutely everyone in this outstanding school – from kitchen staff to “struggling” students – can access high quality coaching

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