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Accredited Trainer Course


The next Accredited Trainer Training Course is FULL.

** 0 Place(s) Available **

Interested?  Contact us now to register your interest (or get your name on the "reserves" list)


To qualify for this, you MUST be:

  1. An outstanding coach who has successfully graduated at Champion Level
  2. Able to demonstrate your coaching experience and impact (ICP/Log)
  3. An outstanding presenter
  4. Willing and able to commit to preparing & delivering Programme sessions (this could be in your own time!)
  5. Prepared to actively promote coaching in your school or local area
  6. An outstanding role model who "walks the talk" and demonstrates excellent understanding of coaching
  7. Invited/recommended by your Accredited Trainer

Please note: You may only apply for the Accredited Trainer Course  if your school/organisation has a licence or has agreed to purchase a licence.

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