Attendance Boosted for “Stressed Out” Student [Coaching in the Classroom]

Kay Gardner helps a student to manage her stress and increase her attendance...

What was the coachee/situation was like BEFORE your coaching?

Coachee (student) was unable to successfully think through ideas and plan ahead, causing her to be unwell through stress.

What EXACTLY did you do?

I used coaching techniques which I modified for the classroom such as: options; potential barriers and how to get around these; realistic achievable tasks set within a timeframe. She worked out her own way forward and was accountable to me through email and verbally in lessons.

What's the coachee/situation like AFTER the coaching?

After two sessions she was able to work through any potential issues independently, she felt confident about her decision making and was not absent from school due to stress.


Thanks to Kay Gardner, Head of Visual Arts Faculty, Maiden Erlegh School for sharing her story


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