Coaching Skills Training – How to Become an Outstanding Coach in Your School

Are you responsible for developing others in your school? (Colleagues or pupils)

Would you like a way to work less hard & have more impact as a School Leader, Teacher or member of support staff?

If you've answered "YES" to either of the above questions, then you're in the right place!

Our in-school coach training or Masterclass will give you all of the knowledge, know-how and practical skills that you need.

When you take part in one of these inspiring courses you'll learn the most efficient way to coach teachers, colleagues or students so that they will perform at their very best, make changes, and make those changes actually last.

How does it work?

These accredited coaching courses provide practical tips, ideas and tools that will guide any Teacher, School Leader or LSA who’s trying to be even better. If you can master these simple yet powerful coaching techniques you’ll be able to provide better support to your colleagues and pupils, improve your teaching, AND save yourself a whole lot of time and stress.

Let me ask you something...

  • Would you like to help your colleagues move from "Good" to "Outstanding" or from "Requires Improvement" to "Good"?
  • Do you want to reduce truancy, poor behaviour and under-achievement?
  • Do you want to learn a coaching system that’s been tried, tested and proven to dramatically improve teaching, progress and results?

A lot of people like you get frustrated because they really want to coach but they're strapped for time or they've been taught 'old' inefficient models...

...Well, what if you could go from 45-60 minute coaching sessions to 15 minutes or less like this coach with 30 years experience did AND make even better impact? Would that be helpful for you?

What if you could turn "Inadequate" teachers to "Good" & "Outstanding" in 6 weeks like this school did? (Ofsted Verified)

What if you could move someone from a "3" to a "1" in just 2 x 20 minute sessions like Yvonne did?
...Would that be something you'd find useful?


Whether you're a brand new or experienced coach, if you want to deliver "outstanding" coaching in your school, read on...

When you want to learn any skill, you should only learn it from professionals - people who have a proven track record of results and are actually doing it successfully day in, day out (not just talking about it!)

Learning to coach is no different - if you want to coach successfully and have maximum impact – only get your knowledge, models and strategies from people who are qualified experts in the field. People who have proven track records in coaching for schools.  People who know what works and what doesn’t.  People who can hold your hand, advise you, and guide you step-by-step. That means you can learn to do it the quick, easy way AND get maximum impact from Day 1.

Do you want to learn THE most powerful, efficient & high impact coaching model?

In fact, did you know that our unique model for coaching in schools is proven to consistently out-perform ALL of the others?

We're not mucking about here!  This is not a "box-ticking" exercise. We're proud & humbled that highly trained and experienced coaches regularly tell us that they're amazed by how much more powerful and efficient the coaching in schools model and system is!  That's because we know exactly what it takes to be a successful coach in schools today – and it's completely different from back in 1998 when we put coaching in schools on the map in the UK.

It's also completely different to what other people will teach you. It's not ILM 'coaching and mentoring'. Nor is it the same at you'll learn on courses like NPQH. In fact, people who have completed NPQH coaching, NPQSL or the OTP coaching training consistently tell us our 12 step model takes their coaching to a whole new level - and they wouldn't want to go back to the 'old' way they coached!







We’d love to share our magic "Best I.M.P.A.C.T. Blueprint" with you so that YOU can produce THE BEST possible as little as 15 minutes

The Coaching INSET Pathway is a basic “toe-dipping” experience.  The Accredited Outstanding Coach Programme will turn you into an outstanding coach, reveal our most closely guarded secrets, and provide you with a plethora of resources. It will also help your school meet the criteria for the Coaching Quality Mark

What training can you do?

Outstanding Coach ProgrammeTM [Accredited with 30 Masters Credits]

The Outstanding Coach ProgrammeTM is a nationally recognised course for schools that are serious about coaching and want to get it right. This Accredited Pathway means you can bring it in with a BANG, make transformational changes – and then sustain them.

We’ll be teaching you The Ultimate Coaching System for SchoolsTM step-by-step to help you produce outstanding coaches and overcome the challenges you’re facing. You can focus on:

  • Coaching Teachers to improve the quality of Teaching & Learning
  • Coaching Colleagues or Pupils to increase Learner Success
  • Personal Success
  • Coaching for School Leadership Success
  • Coaching for Whole School Success

These programmes can all be customised for you to meet your needs. We’ll also show you exactly what your school needs to implement to achieve maximum coaching impact – AND the costly mistakes you need to avoid.

Programmes are delivered face-to-face and “drip fed” over approximately 6 months to groups of up to 10 people. For maximum impact, we recommend that you begin by training a small team of 6 coaches, and then build your capacity in the future.

Take this Pathway today and benefit from:

  • Free Access to the Latest Resources, Techniques & Fool-Proof Toolkits for Coaching teachers, colleagues & students
  • Friendly, expert advice on how to use coaching in your school to dramatically improve performance
  • The opportunity to achieve 30 Masters Credits
  • A complete Coaching System that is practical, relevant and carefully tailored to your school's priorities and needs
  • The "personal touch" with full back up, 1:1 help and support that is second to none
  • A life-changing experience
  • FASTER sustainable results

Successful completion of our Coaching Programmes will:

  • Help you meet the criteria for “Teaching School” status
  • Help you meet the criteria for the Coaching Quality Mark (valid for 3 Years) You'll receive a personalised plaque in recognition of your achievement and you'll be able to use the award logo on your letterheads, websites, banners and any other promotional materials
  • Give you the opportunity to become a coaching centre of excellence, with your own Accredited Trainers that can train future cohorts in your school and/or partner schools under a 3 Year Licensing Agreement.

Interested? Get in touch to find out more OR request your Free Strategy Session (worth £50) and we’ll answer your questions and give you all the help and advice that you need - with absolutely no "hard sell"!

Coaching INSET

The Coaching INSET Pathway is a “one-off” event for people that want to dip their toes in the water and find out more.

You’ll learn what you need to do to set up a powerful coaching system in your school, make it work 100% effectively, and stop it fizzling out.  We’ll share insider information with you, along with plenty of useful tips & tools which you can start using instantly to help make your job (and your life!) a lot easier.  Plus you’ll learn how to ask “killer questions” and lots more, including:

  • What theory you need to start coaching
  • How coaching has changed over the last 10 years & why ‘old hat’ models like GROW & STRIDE set off alarm bells and lack impact
  • How to avoid the 10 deadly mistakes that most coaches make and get it right from Day 1
  • The ONE simple strategy, overlooked by 95% of coaches, that is GUARANTEED to create more “quick wins”, make a HUGE IMPACT on results, AND move people towards their goal – Fast!
  • How to avoid time-wasting, stressful coaching meetings and make people feel more confident, motivated & resourceful
  • Our proven 12-step framework (nobody else teaches this)
  • How other schools have used our cutting edge system to achieve incredible results

You’ll leave this coaching INSET buzzing with practical, down-to-earth tools and ideas to use immediately.  You’ll also have a solid foundation to build on if you decide to take your basic skills to the next level – which is vital if you want to maximise your impact and achieve far more powerful results.

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Online Training

The Online Pathway is for busy people in schools around the world.  We have clients as far away as Australia taking part in this! If you're keen to get cracking and "fast-track” through the system or if you’d like to learn whenever and wherever you like – without worrying about taking time out of school & cover costs - this is for you!

Interested? See what's involved! & Get Started INSTANTLY!


What if you'd like to coach but you're "too busy" or too strapped for time to attend face-to-face training?

In that case, you'll want to check out this practical and interactive Online Training Course (see above)- it's specifically designed for busy people (like you) in schools, and you can get started instantly.

You can work through it at your own speed and either “blitz it” in a few days or pace yourself over a year, and the tiny bite-size chunks range from about 5 seconds to 14 minutes so you'll easily be able to fit it in around your work and life!

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You can easily use this in your everyday role (like these people have)...
...and it'll change the way that you work for life!

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