The Best IMPACT Education Coaching System for Schools provides top quality 1:1 Coaching, Coaching INSET & nationally recognised Accredited Coaching Courses for SLTs, teachers & support staff.

As the leading experts in the field our work has been featured on TV, and we’ve gained an international reputation for top quality education coaching programmes that enable schools to dramatically improve teaching, leadership & results with less effort - Fast!

Do you want a ready-made Education Coaching System proven to achieve Maximum Impact?

Our unique "12 Step Model", tools and strategies have helped schools like yours to get out of "special measures", achieve "outstanding" Ofsted judgements and increase observation grades from 4s to 2s and 1s in as little as 6 weeks.

It’s enabled staff and students to make changes, work more effectively, and feel far more confident and happy. We’re convinced it’s the key to school improvement – and we pride ourselves that Ofsted, our clients’ achievements and data verify our Coaching System’s powerful impact.

Is this right for you?

If you’re positive, open-minded, and looking to help your colleagues or students make faster, more effective progress – then you’re in the right place.

Most of our clients are in exactly the same position as you. They’re busy, forward-thinking people who want the best for others. Headteachers need a cost-effective, high impact solution from experts they can trust, which will help people to achieve their potential and boost whole school results. That’s why we’ve put together 2 main options for you to choose from. You can:

  1. Let us do it for you (1:1 coaching)
  2. Learn how to become an outstanding coach in the education sector

How does it work?

The different options enable you to provide coaching for teachers, leaders and students - from high flyers to those that are struggling - to instantly increase their confidence, performance and career prospects.

Once you’ve decided your best route, your Coaching in Schools Expert will hold your hand, support and advise you every single step of the way - in plain English!

All training & 1:1 work is based on our secret “Magic Formula” created by Managing Director and former school leader Annie Boate. It’s been carefully developed, tried and tested over the past 17 years to become The Ultimate Coaching System for Schools TM. (No other provider knows or can teach you this protected system so BEWARE OF COPYCATS & IMPOSTERS!)

The results are proven, exciting and often transformational. Our revolutionary system for coaching in education has CONSISTENTLY worked effectively and out-performed ALL the 'old traditional models' like GROW. In fact, we're delighted that our 12 Step Model has even worked where coaching in schools has previously failed! And it’s also helped schools like yours to overcome some of the biggest challenges they’re facing.

Challenges such as...

  • How to manage your workload and your time effectively
  • How to develop deeper thinking & better recall in exams
  • How to stop "spoon-feeding" & taking on other people's monkeys! (problems)
  • How to achieve even more “Good” and “Outstanding” Ofsted judgements
  • How to improve and get out of “Special Measures” quickly and easily
  • How to boost leadership effectiveness & impact
  • How to eliminate poor quality teaching & turn around ‘failing’ teachers in 6 weeks or even less
  • How to reduce truancy, poor behaviour & under-achievement and increase GCSE Results
  • How to reduce stress, sickness & cover costs AND retain your best staff
  • How to sustain changes and results & become “self-improving”

Teacher coached from a "3" to a "1" in just 2 x 20 minute sessions!

How could our Coaching System help you?

You can see the impact of our work for yourself and hear what your colleagues think of us in the short (2 min) video at the top of the page, Case Studies & Reviews

"The power of this seems to be quite remarkable..." (Mike Cook, Headteacher)

You’ll also get complete Peace of Mind with our Money-Back Happiness Guarantee See T&Cs for more details


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